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IAM architecture and implementation


IAM Architecture 

Design & Implementation




When you are starting the process of acquiring an IAM/IDM solution, Haidion can help you identify and define the critical IAM requirements, and also initiate and run the RFI/RFP processes. We’ll assist you in evaluating the vendor answers and separating wheat from chaff - we know the market and the players.

Haidion can support the customer in the RFI/RFP processes as IAM Subject Matter Experts and Architects. When the need for IAM capability is recognized and an organization decides to engage in RFI/RFP process to acquire needed systems and services, the first step is to identify and define what is actually needed. While an organization usually has an understanding of the overall IAM requirements, it is often more difficult to exactly describe the functionalities and capabilities for the RFP.

We can help the customer discover and describe the essential IAM requirements, and execute the RFP process to reach the optimum solution. An example of what we can do in different phases of the RFP process is given below:

Analysis phase

  • Analyse the current state of IAM

  • Gather, edit, prioritise and document IAM functional and non-functional requirements. See also IAM Requirements Discovery and Formalization

  • Establish IAM terminology if not already present

  • Assess the gaps

  • Interview the IAM stakeholders and clarify the expectations

  • Help the customer to draft a target IAM architecture

  • Help to set the scope of the IAM project

Preparation phase

  • Prepare the RFP

  • Review the RFP

  • Help the customer in the identification of suitable technologies, vendors and integrators

  • Help in selecting the parties to send the RFP to

Response phase

  • Help the customer in the Q&A process related to the submitted RFP

  • Support in assessing and comparing the RFP answers

  • Assist in making clarifying questions regarding the responses

Selection phase

  • Support in selecting the most suitable technology and integrator

  • If needed conduct a Proof-of-Concept before final decision


IAM Architecture Services

Haidion has a solid foundation in IAM Architecture, and we have put together service products to address diverse customer needs in this area:

In addition to the above, we are happy to discuss and address any other needs you have regarding IAM Architecture.


Design & Implementation

Haidion Design and Implementation services range from full-scope IAM implementation projects to specialized problem-solving in technology areas requiring deep expertise:

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