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IAM Solutions Testing

Haidion provides IAM solutions testing consultation and execution. We have expertise in and can advise the customer on:

  • Testing best practices

  • Defining test objectives and creating test plan

  • Writing test cases

  • Creating test data and test environments

  • DevOps and test automation

  • IAM-focused testing

    • Integration testing (Individual software modules are combined and tested as a group)

    • Data integrity testing (e.g. ensuring that identity master data is valid)

    • Identity management testing (e.g. identity life-cycle, registration, termination)

    • Authentication testing (e.g. account lock-out, authentication methods)

    • Authorization testing (e.g. roles, permissions)

    • Session management testing (e.g. timeouts, cookies, single-sign-on, single-log-out)

Haidion can also undertake testing responsibility for solutions and systems being built or undergoing current development.

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