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IAM Prestudy

IAM Prestudy is a special tool designed for describing the organization’s current IAM situation, and for mapping a way forward. IAM Prestudy produces:

  • IAM terminology from the organization’s point of view

  • Prioritized list of IAM requirements

  • Current-state analysis of organization’s IAM capability and relevant environment

  • High-level IAM capability roadmap

  • Recommendations for next actions

IAM Prestudy is, therefore, a way for the organization to place itself on the map regarding IAM, and to orient itself for the follow-up actions. A Prestudy is typically followed by IAM development planning and subsequent actions - either an IAM/IDM RFP (if organization decides to acquire or rehaul its IAM capability), or internal development (if current IAM capability can be leveraged for next phases).

An IAM Prestudy involves study of organization’s existing IAM process and implementation documents, interviews with relevant stakeholder groups, workshops to establish and evaluate requirements and priorities, and specialist work to model requirements and create an IAM capability roadmap. IAM prestudy leverages other Haidion IAM services to produce the required results:

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