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We're at the moment 18 people strong and growing. Would you like to be part of Haidion story? Please see our open positions or contact us at and we'll see what we can offer you.

Niklas Karlsson
IAM Architect


Niklas has over 15 years‘ experience working on software projects related to IAM as technical consultant, software developer and Scrum Master. In his spare time, Niklas likes to run, bike and snowboard.

Miika Kauppi
Founder, CEO


As an IAM professional specializing in IAM architectures, procurement and project management. Miika has over 15 years of IAM experience from both customer and consultant perspective.


Miika is responsible for Haidion Sales, Marketing and Partnership Management.

Markku Korkeala
IAM Architect


Markku has worked over 15 years in Java EE and IDM projects, mostly as a developer and designer but also in various other roles. Currently he is developing customer identity management solution in Fintech sector.

Tuomo Jylkkä


Tuomo has been working IT business 20 years in many positions and many technologies but always near of software development and source code itself. In his scarce free time, Tuomo is Marvel comic freak with mountain biking and snowboarding twist.

Kari Jyrälä


Kari has been in IT business for about 30 years, most of that working with Oracle technologies. Currently he is working for a big healthcare sector organisation, with complex Oracle IAM setup.

Markus Salo
IAM Architect


Markus is an IAM Architect with 25 years of experience in IT. His current focus is on IAM Business Architecture, with strong interests in data protection and information security. Markus spends much of his free time getting lost in the Arctic wilderness and falling into rivers.

Joonatan Henriksson
Dep.CEO, IAM Architect


Joonatan has over 15 years of experience in IAM business. Innovative business consultant in both national and international scale digital identity initiatives. Joonatan enjoys his free time mountain biking in the Finnish wilderness.

Susanna Nyholm
Customer Service Lead

Susanna has a broad background in customer support and process automation. She has long experience in IT project management, especially from the public and health care sector. In her spare time, she likes trail running and enjoys good food.

Susanna Jäntti
Project Manager

Susanna has been working in fintech, SaaS and software companies for the past 10 years. She has a strong focus in customer success and developing customer services. She enjoys her free time at gym, reading books and listening to good music.

Juha Evokari


Juha has been in IT business for some 20 years, getting busy as team leader, project manager and developer. He is currently developing Fintech services built on AWS. Out of office, he is an avid mountain biker.

Tapani Lumme
IAM Architect


Tapani has been in IT business for over 30 years in different roles as SW architect, project manager and lead developer. He is currently designing and developing IDM system for a customer.

Tuomas Korkolainen


A man of few words, Tuomas lets his actions speak for himself.

Mikko Uronen


Mikko has over 20 years of career in various positions in the IT business.  He is currently working as an architect and developer for customer projects, designing and implementing IAM solutions for both cloud and on-premise. In his spare time, he travels from a disc golf course to another with his two sons.

Hannes Hahkio
IAM Consultant


Hannes is a digital identity expert with multiple years in the industry. He has skills in authentication, enrolment and authorization management.

Arsalan Khan
IAM Consultant

With over 20 years in IT, Arsalan has vast experience in product development, implementation and maintenance of IAM and PAM systems.

Mika Ovaskainen
IAM Consultant

Mika has a strong expertise in IAM product development and consulting, with more than 15 years of experience in IT.

Petri Seppänen
IAM Developer

Petri has long expertise in software product development and the IT industry in general.

Miika Pärni
IAM Consultant

Miika has expertise in IAM consulting and development. He has worked on national identity projects and is also knowledgeable in the latest Self-Sovereign Identity technologies.

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