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Continuous Services

Our continuous services aim to support our customers on a long haul. We can help you run your IAM service in the way it should be run.

Haidion Seafront™ IDM SaaS service

A turn-key service for Identity Management (IDM) and Identity and Access Governance (IGA)​.

IAM Service Management

We can assist you in IAM Service Management & Product ownership:

  • Building up the IAM organization

  • Guiding the implementation of IAM technologies

  • Identifying and collecting requirements from the organization

  • Interpreting requirements as IAM features

  • Guiding and assisting development team(s) in feature and architecture implementation

  • Maximizing development effort value to customer

  • Building documentation library and architecture capability

  • Cooperation with IAM stakeholders

  • Running the daily operations (creating cookbooks etc.)

IAM Solutions Support

Haidion provides advanced support for IAM solutions, Level 3 and above.

  • Support is provided during office hours (EET timezone)

  • Level 3 (and above)

  • Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Small-Scale Development

Before commencing support operations, Haidion will execute a takeover phase where the IAM solution’s features, configurations and supported processes are mapped and documented. At the same time, Haidion IAM Solution Support will be fitted into the organization’s existing support structure and processes.

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