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IAM Requirements Discovery and Formalization

Understanding fully what an IAM project will deliver is critical to its success. Haidion can help your organization to gather a sufficient set of requirements before starting the actual implementation work. The IAM requirements gathering process is trongly related to analyzing the current state of IAM and describing the target state. It is also very important to remember that IAM is a never-ending process so it is no use to overspecify the requirements.

Some best practices

  • Define and agree on the scope of the project

  • Get the requirements and expectations agreed with all the stakeholders before the project starts

  • Make sure the requirements are SMART - specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based

  • Only part of IAM is technology specific - avoid talking technical solutions until the requirements are fully understood

  • Prioritize the requirements

  • Prepare for constant change when defining the requirements


To avoid ambiguity, it is good practice to formalize the requirements using e.g. UML modeling. While a verbal description of the requirements is also needed - and vital to ensure communication and successful expectations management with stakeholders - models help communicate the requirements with vendors and other IT professionals.

Haidion can help you formalize your requirements as UML diagrams (we have found state machines and use cases to be quite useful for this purpose).

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