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We live and breathe
Identity and Access Management.

We have just launched our very own SaaS IDM solution; Haidion Seafront™ IDM

Take a look at the innovative contract-based IDM at

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Haidion specializes in Identity and Access Management (IAM).


We offer a variety of services in this area.


Take a closer look.

Haidion is offering interesting challenges for skilled people in the digital identity and cybersecurity domain.


Would you like to be part of Haidion story?


See what we can offer you.


Haidion is a company founded by Identity and Access Management (IAM) professionals in 2018.

We live and breathe IAM.


Check out who we are.


About us

Haidion is a company founded by (IAM) professionals in 2018. We wanted to have a chance to do it right, and give others the same opportunity.

Haidion is an IAM expert company. Our capital is not invested in facilities and machinery, but in the best minds in the business.

Besides IAM, we hold with the following:

  • We keep our promises.

  • We do not compromise on quality.

  • We are transparent in our ways of working.

We offer a variety of IAM services. Take a look - if what you want is not listed, it may be that we can still get what you are looking for!


Our office is located in the middle of Helsinki. Drop by and see us (call first though - we often work remotely in the strangest locations).

Some of our customers


Contact us:

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Address: Itäinen Pitkäkatu 21, 06100 Porvoo

Visiting: Lönnrotinkatu 32 D 51, 00180 Helsinki

Tel: +358 40 541 6474

Company ID: 2846588-9
Billing: 003728465889
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)

We belong to a select group, which Alma Talent's financial analytics professional has found to perform better than its peers. Kauppalehti's Achievers companies make up only about 6% of Finnish limited companies. Thanks for this achievement goes to our staff, customers and partners. You make Success possible!

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